Xyla | Fullstack Engineer
Xyla | Fullstack Engineer

Xyla | Fullstack Engineer

I was the first full-time engineer and the primary web (front end & API) developer at the startup Xyla. We built automation and analytics for companies that market their (or others') mobile apps. Since the mobile app industry is so highly competitive, these tools proved to be extremely valuable for increasing return on ad spend.
Xyla was started by the mobile app marketing agency Incipia. The Xyla tools were used to manage ad campaigns for massive mobile spenders such as Canva, Coinbase, Bird Scooters, Candywriter, Walmart, Peoplefun, and Peloton.
Xyla's service offering included:
  • Integration with major ad channel APIs
    • Google UAC, Apple Search Ads, Facebook Ads, Snapchat Ads, TikTok Ads, AppsFlyer, Adjust
    • Fetch and store data from connected channels in AWS RedShift database
  • Compare budgets and performance across channels
  • Isolate attributes that drive the most value
  • Categorize your campaigns and ads by using parseable naming conventions or adding metadata
  • Automate ad campaign bids and budgets based on perfomance rules. All your campaigns maximize their efficiency in getting you the best return on your ad spend.
Technologies I used to build the Xyla application:

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